SITAD (Secured IT Asset Disposition)

At Greenland Resource, we're in the business of protecting your brand while your brand protects the environment! Our services make it possible to keep electronics and hardware out of landfills around the world. What's more, you're getting the peace of mind of knowing that your IT assets are being properly dissolved to avoid data leaks or informational breaches. Here are some of the customized solutions that we offer.


Greenland Resource understands that doing business today means utilizing the best technology that’s available. This sometimes means upgrading to new systems and hardware. What becomes of the electronics and hardware of yesterday? That’s exactly where we’d like to come in to provide cutting-edge, top-notch recycling services for your enterprise.

The team at Greenland Resource can partner with your enterprise to develop resources that work for your disposal cycles, regulatory needs, data-privacy needs and more! We exist to help your enterprise reduce its carbon footprint, meet full compliance and avoid breaches resulting from the mishandling of phased-out equipment. Here’s a list of the services we provide to enterprises of all sizes in a variety of industries:


Our NIST, R2, and DoD data destruction compliant service can help you get rid of data for good.

  • Hard drive destruction– Securely erase data without destroying the hard drive. This is perfect for businesses that want to reuse hard drives.
  • Hard drive shredding– This is an effective and secure way to dispose of all types of end-of-life hard drives. appropriate for media tapes. This service is ideal for businesses that have a stockpile of old hard drives or large data centers.

Security-minded, regulation-compliant

We are equipped to handle your most sensitive data destruction needs.  Our data destruction services are fast, efficient, and secure.

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IT Asset Recycling

Are old IT devices and components that are full of sensitive data simply sitting around your facility or office? Don’t let your old IT assets become liabilities. Let us decommission and recycle your unneeded or obsolete equipment.

Greenland Resource can haul, scrub and recycle your electronic components once they have been phased out of use. Rest assured that we have all of the proper certifications and standards to ensure that your electronic items are handled in accordance with industry compliance and best practices. We will help your company reduce its carbon footprint while keeping electronics out of landfills.

Electronics Recycling

We offer a wide variety of options for recycling, sanitizing and remarketing electronics that aren’t of value to your company any longer. What’s more, we’ll introduce you to options for maximizing the value of asset returns at the end of the recycling process.

Plastics Recycling

Plastic packaging is a big problem globally. It affects rivers and streams all over the globe. Many marine animals are at risk due to discarded plastics. Do your part to end this problem by reusing, recycling, or composting the plastics that your company uses. We can process and reuse all kinds of plastics.

Customized Solutions

At Greenland Resource, we offer personalized solutions for your needs. We can tailor our services to fit any unique equipment types or data-sensitivity needs that exist within your enterprise.


We’re capable of meeting compliance and regulatory needs for your industry. In fact, we’re on the cutting edge when it comes to compliance and certifications. Greenland Resource already works with high-profile companies across a variety of industries to recycle electronics that might otherwise create heavy carbon footprints. Reach out today to request a personalized consultation to discover cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions for recycling electronics and sensitive data.

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Are you ready to learn how we can help you safely recycle your electronics while making sure your components don't end up in landfills? Our innovative hardware-recycling program makes it possible to turn something you aren't using into an asset. What's more, there's no need to worry about storing or protecting outdated electronics and hardware that could be full of sensitive data.

Our recycling solution is green, transparent, economical and responsible! Allow our team of experts to provide a customized electronics recycling solution for your company, tailored to your goals and your needs. Get in touch today!