Environmental Stewardship

At Greenland Resource, we believe that it is naïve for any enterprise to assume that it doesn't need to take environmental stewardship seriously in the midst of all that the planet faces. It’s the responsibility of every company whose actions impact the Earth’s resources to practice environmental stewardship. We're confident that you feel the same way if you're researching solutions for responsibly recycling your enterprise's electronics.

Greenland Resource is committed to providing an easy, cost-friendly way for enterprises to reduce their carbon footprints, reach environmental compliance and minimize the risk of breaches stemming from obsolete, dormant electronics. While our main service is electronics recycling, we help enterprises who want to be both environmentally conscious and smart-minded in business.

How Do We Protect

The Environment?

We use a holistic approach to help protect the environment that we all share. This approach encompasses our facility operations and more.

Secure, Compliant Facilities

We are headquartered in Chino, CA. Our state-of-the-art receiving and processing facility is located in Chino, California. Our facility is highly secure and compliant with all governmental regulations. This helps enterprises reduce the risks associated with data breaches or information leaks that can easily stem from unsecured, non-compliant facilities.

Sustainable Practices

We are 100 percent transparent in all that we do. We use an industry-unique traceability system that allows us to know the origin and destination for each of our processed materials.






R2 Certification

Our commitment to environmental stewardship is further reflected in our R2 Certification. This is what makes us a leader in environmental protection, responsible recycling services, and international legal compliance. In addition to our R2 Certification, we also hold an e-Stewards certification.




The team at Greenland Resources is really at the core of our environmental stewardship practices. Everyone is committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

We invite you to partner with us to create a sustainable future. Reach out to discuss the custom options we can bring to the table for recycling, sanitizing and remarketing electronics, hardware, and components that have been phased out at your enterprise. Our services can be scaled to fit your unique needs. We’d love to tell you more about how our commitment to environmental stewardship can benefit your enterprise!